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About El’s Barbershop

We care about your hair. We care about you too.

On one level, we cut hair, so you walk out looking clean and sharp.

On another level, we build your self-confidence, so you walk out feeling amazing.

We achieve this by investing quality time. Time to talk, listen, and properly understand you before we start.

The level of conversation goes way beyond the sixty-second chat through the mirror. It’s a proper, professional consultation where we discover what’s really important to you.

• Ever found it tricky to explain what you want to your barber?
• Ever walked out disappointed after a haircut?
• Ever asked for a style that turns out to be unrealistic to maintain?

That doesn’t happen here.

The extra level of understanding you get at El’s Barbershop means you’ll not only look good, you’ll feel great too.

This isn’t an empty claim. Our testimonials prove the extra time we invest is what clients most value about us.

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