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I didn’t start out as a barber. I left school at 16 and went straight to an apprenticeship in electrical engineering. I completed this training and then I continued working in the industry. After a few years I began to figure out that I didn’t really enjoy it. It gave me no creative outlet and it began to feel stale.

I wanted to do something I cared about. I had an interest in hair, male grooming and men’s fashion. I wanted to do something that involved being creative and having style.

At first I didn’t think about a career as a barber, it just hadn’t occurred to me. When I was a kid, I never got my haircut at the barbershop. My first glimpse at a barbershop was through tattooing, something I also love.

In 2016, I ran across an Instagram account and started following it. It was for a barbershop and it gave me an idea of what good barbers can do. The way they worked with their clippers and scissors inspired me. I knew right away that was something I wanted to do.

I enrolled in the Sid Sottung Barbering Course. That was it. I begged all my friends and family to let me cut their hair in my kitchen. I continuously educated myself by watching videos online. I wanted to learn it all.

In the summer of 2017 I was fortunate to fill in on occasional Saturdays at a chain barbershop in Peterborough.

I kept watching barbers on Instagram.That’s how I started following El’s Barbershop (@elsbarbershop). I knew it was the environment for me. The barbers at El’s had a great technical approach. It was the way of cutting hair that I had set my sights on.

In the autumn of 2017 I contacted El. I started shadowing and helping in the shop. I was learning so much, my journey began.

I spent six months working every Friday afternoon and Saturday at the shop. The whole team was very supportive. I attended El’s self-development evenings to increase my progress.

Before long, I knew it was time.

I handed in my notice to my previous employer and left my day job.

It was time to start my career as a professional barber.

One lesson life taught me is our plans don’t always end in success, but sometimes that’s for the best. I love what I do. This is what gives me the passion to improve my skills and myself daily.

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