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Sylvan’s Bio/Gallery

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Sylvan SavageWhen I was a kid I liked going to the barbershop because I enjoyed meeting new people and hearing all the different conversations. I liked the way everybody took pride in their appearance and the way I felt after a new haircut. Back then I didn’t know it would be my profession.

After I finished secondary school I wasn’t sure what I should do next. In school, I enjoyed being creative and working from a blank canvas. I liked taking something I could see in my mind and turning it into a finished result. I was also into men’s fashion and grooming. So I decided to become a plumber. Seriously. My parents thought it was what I should do and I didn’t have any better ideas. Besides, plumbing is a pretty good job.

Not surprisingly, this first endeavour toward a career didn’t work out. I hated wearing the blue overalls and jobs were hard to get at the time. It didn’t feel like what I was supposed to be doing. It’s around this time that I remembered my boyhood visits to the barbershop. As a barber, I could be creative and Interact with new people and pay attention to fashion and style.

So I went down to my local barbershop and asked them how I could join the profession. They advised me to do a course first. I discussed it with my Granddad and he helped me enrol in a hairdressing course at a local college. It included barbering in the second year.

While in college, I began working part-time in local bars. I could keep smart and I enjoyed interacting with new people.

One evening I saw a local hairdresser I knew of. I asked him about the salon where he worked.
We talked for a while, and he inspired me to contact the salon.

I got in touch with the salon and they offered me an apprenticeship. It included one day at college and barbering was taught during the second year. This was the same as the course I was currently enrolled in, so I decided this was a good route for me.

After working at the salon for a while, I felt like I wasn’t getting enough hands on, practical experience that would allow me to progress and achieve my potential. I wanted to find another way to pursue barbering.

I first learned of El’s Barbershop because El posted pictures of my friend’s haircuts on Instagram. I liked the quality of his cuts. I wanted to learn his techniques and implement them in my own work.

I approached El, and he told me I needed more experience. So I found a local barbershop where I could work hands on and gain experience on the shop floor learning the basics. I knew this was what I wanted to be doing. I was happy to finally be working as a barber.

The following year, El contacted me to see how I was getting on. He asked me if I would join him at the shop!

At El’s Barbershop I’m always growing and learning about perfecting my craft. This isn’t just about cutting hair, it’s also about listening and communicating with our clients. I enjoy working with like-minded people who share my passion for barbering.

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